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Posting from mac osx with Ecto

Testing Ecto!


Arduino duemilanove is in da house

The long waited package finally arrived from Sparkfun!

Among other stuff, my new arduino duemilanove:

Let’s see what will come out of this…I was already able to understand that the developing environment makes it go very easy on the programmer – nothing wrong in that! ūüėõ

Hello world!

Following the classic first programming attempt saying, I’m going with the WordPress suggested “Hello World!”.

Now, on to business:

This is my blog. 

English is not my mother language. Other languages can show up.

I promisse myself to post as often as I can otherwise I’ll just shut this thing down.

I’m facing this as kind of an archive, for stuff that I find interesting or just around me.

If there are typos, sorry!  By the way, this is where I get mine from:

I’m not settled for a theme yet.

World please feel welcome to comment.

And just to keep it clear:

me:   olha aproveitei um momento de pausa aqui no work
 e fiz uma coisa muito linda
José:   cagaste?
me: loll
 criei um blog
me: sim mais ou menos a mesma coisa
José:   ahh entao e o que vais tu escrever  nesse teu blog?
me:   coisas
José:   coisas do dia a dia?
me: epá sobre coisas que me vão aparecendo e sobre o q vou fazendo meu
(…) ūüėÄ