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CPLD board build

The nice guys at DangerousPrototypes sent me a free PCB code with which I picked up a CoolRunner-II breakout board. Yesterday I build the board, so here is a small walk through:

Like I read many times from other free PCB code’s builders, the famous DP free PCB packaging. Simple and effective.

The inspection. I’m no specialist, but it looks good 😛

Taking some parts from a previous project, a button from a kind donor PCB and a few more ordered from elpro.

This is a hand soldering job, so many tools around. I’m using a liquid flux from Loctite expired in 07.

Here, the four more legged parts are already in place posing with my trustworthy solder wick.

A detail of the 0603 leds on 0805 pads.

And the power section is complete.


After the headers are in place. Got them straight by inserting them in a breadboard.

The finished board.

And the beauty shot.

That’s all for now. Checking all electrical connections and power up test comes next time.