AVR programmer: part II

My new AVR programmer was serving good its purpose, so it was about time I gave it a more permanent state 😛

I built it in a black painted perforated board I had left over, from a previous project, and it’s now robust enough for intensive use. The component placing was done, as usual, in the think-as-you-go style trying to minimize size, get a nice final shape and placement of certain components as well as, and this is a major plus I managed to comply with: only fixed/hard wires are used!

As can be seen in the above picture (bottom of the board) all the wiring is done using left over resistor or capacitor legs. This leads to a very durable finishing that isn’t so prone to failure over wire interruptions (as opposed to using wires to make connections). It takes longer to route it all and takes up more space but I think it pays of…let’s see! 🙂

Meanwhile, I also did a nice little cable so that I can plug directly on a breadboard:

After trimming the extra board, rounding the edges nicely and fitting the ATmega8:

Just another finishing touch to keep the bottom from shorting – a piece of thin gluing felt fabric.

DONE! Look at how it poses for the picture 🙂

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